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Welcome to In The Details Academy where we guide you to reach your dream level. Certified and partnered by globally recognized "I'm Possible Training", we provide the same training used by Kyrie Irving, Victor Oladipo, Brandon Ingram, Kobe Bryant Nike Clinic, and more. We provide athletes with the same level of detail that NBA athletes look for to further their career and the knowledge to continue to improving even without a trainer. To learn more about our certifications, experience and our services, click the about button.


Reviews from you

His focus & attention to detail is really good. He's able to see your weaknesses pretty quickly and knows how he can help you get to the body position you need to be in certain areas for the skill to work. It's really different from overseas because it's very team oriented training, so I'm looking forward to be able to come home and work on my game with Khurram

Sr Women's Team Canada Athlete | Lyon Asvel Femenin (Professional)
Michelle Plouffe

I have known Khurram for around 2 years. He has always given me amazing advice and knowledge. I would strongly recommend Itdacademy to anyone who wants to improve at basketball. Khurram is an amazing teacher and trainer who is able to help people of all ages and skill levels improve drastically!

U-Sport Athlete
Gavin Ashworth

I think what separates Khurram's is his pedagogical and detail oriented approach towards teaching the athletes. Just from our first session I was able to design some drills and give my guys feedback just from our first session. He does a great job empowering the athletes/coaches with the knowledge, allowing us to continue growing and building even without his supervision.

Former U of A National Champion | UBCO Heat Mens Basketball Head Coach
Clayton Pottinger

What you're teaching with the footwork and shooting, your skill to teach that... our guys gotta get way ahead of that, they gotta be doing that in the "off season" and learn because when we get our into season, then we're going. You provide some expertise that we need as coaches.

Okanagan College Men's Basketball Head Coach
Dino Gini

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Khurram is certified under "I'm Possible" training and is the Head Skills Trainer & Assistant Coach of UBCO Men's basketball program. He has been a guest coach at the Baker Elite Clinic, Plouffe Hoops Camp, Nike Academy camp, and more. He's been able to address weaknesses & turn them into strengthen from all levels, ranging from Jr. High athletes all the way to Olympic athletes.


We believe in making a long lasting impact on our athletes both on and off the court. Our exploratory approach backed with our certifications allows us to provide athletes with a process oriented mindset where they are given the details & the opportunity to fail. This approach instills a strong work ethic and growth mindset that allows our athletes to grow in all aspects of life.


We are an Athletics Brand that focuses on the details at a Micro & Macro level for each athlete. Starting at an early age, we believe in developing the skill & work ethic that it takes for athletes to reach their dreams.

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