At ITD we focus on guiding our athletes with the right details and methods that allow them to grow even after the session is over. They say winners and losers both have the same goals, one just has better systems. We make sure that you don't waste your valuable time by guiding you through the right systems. Here's how it works, first we expose your weaknesses through methods that test your processing skills in basketball. Second, we fix those issues with our checklist 700+ items that we are certified in and help you experience what the right body position, timing, or footwork should feel like. Third, we tell you what still needs work and how to work on it in your own time. This cycle allows our athletes to work on new information and expand their skill set while still empowering them to be able to get better on their own. It's simply all In The Details.


our methods

Our Skill enhancement methods come from the worlds largest basketball training organization, "I'm Possible Training" who are the originators and creators of "Skill Enhancement Training". We use 700+ proven training methods to expose a players weakness and turn them into strengths, giving them the ability to react to any situation due to an abundance of skill.

OUr approach

We provide the best Skill Enhancement training methods but also take a holistic approach off the court. Although Skill will always be at the top of our services, we also offer resources that help athletes with their Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, Goal Setting and Sport Psychology. Creating an Ecosystem that delivers results and provides convenience.


We are an Athletics Brand that focuses on the details at a Micro & Macro level for each athlete. Starting at an early age, we believe in developing the skill & work ethic that it takes for athletes to reach their dreams.

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